Use of erythromycin in severe patients.

Created by Dr. Martínez , 21 Apr, 2020

Can a patient with fatigue and shortness of breath take erythromycin? Is there any antibiotic prescribed for this? The patient can speak normally but is short of breath. Moreover, he had a autoimmune hemolytic anemia. What procedure should we follow? Can he stay home and continue taking erythromycin? Thank you. / 请问有疲劳和呼吸困难症状的患者可以服用红霉素吗?还是为此有专门的抗生素?患者可以正常说话但呼吸困难。另外 患者还有自身​​免疫性溶血性贫血的病史。请问这种情况应 该遵循什么程序?他可以待在家里继续服用红霉素吗?谢谢。