Please I need an opinion on my case

Created by Dr. Martínez , 23 Apr, 2020

Good morning, I just listened to the conference via you tube, I am a Resident Doctor of Intensive Medicine, my name is Darwin Smith Murga Quezada, I am 29 years old and I got COVID 19 on March 24 of this year, I started with symptoms On March 31, intense headache, myalgia, nasal congestion, then a fever developed. Sore throat, dry cough, I took the PCR test on April 1 and my result came out positive, in the evolution on April 7 to 10 I have presented snoring of the chest, mild dyspnea and my Saturation dropped to 92%, I have been in isolation since March 24, with illness for 20 days today, I still have anosmia, ageusia, a little dry cough, what strikes me is that my Saturation does not stay constant at times it tends to decrease up to 90_92%, it recovers spontaneously, clinically there is no symptomatology, but that is not normal in me, just listen to the doctor in the conference that some patients do not have a clinic but they could be presenting hypoxemia, which he recommends me to do. They took me on April 15 a rapid serological test that gave me positive IgG and negative M IgG, I could go out with that test to be in contact with my family or go to work in a hospital, I am at risk of being with a certain degree of filthy suppression and contagion and infection in hospitals. Please I need an opinion on my case. Thank you