Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions in Spain at lowest level since March

25 May, 2020

The daily data covering the coronavirus epidemic in Spain continued in the same direction on Sunday, according to the latest figures supplied by the Health Ministry. Once again, the majority of indicators were at low levels, while there were continuing problems with the notification of the figures from the Catalonia region.

New infections came in at 246, hospitalizations at 86, and new intensive care unit (ICU) admissions were at three – all of which were the lowest seen since March, at the outset of the crisis.

That said, figures reported on Sundays and Mondays should always be regarded with some caution, given that there has tended to be underreporting due to lower staffing levels at weekends in hospitals. What’s more, data from Catalonia is yet to be included by the Health Ministry in the figures for hospitalizations and ICU admissions.

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