3D Printing Against Corona!

15 Apr, 2020
3D Printing Against Corona is a global network of 3D printing experts providing care and treatment for everyone. Let’s do what our technology teaches us to do: think differently. Let’s push the boundaries of what is possible. Let’s join forces to provide treatment and care for everyone!

This platform was created to help members of the 3D printing community in supporting others battling Covid-19. The Coronavirus has spread rapidly all across the globe. If infections proceed at their current pace, there will not be enough supplies such as ventilators, respirators, PPE, etc. to meet the demand. Patients and medical professionals are in dire need of technical support.

We want to provide others with the inspiration they need to tackle this pandemic as a community, as a team. The disease knows no borders, which is why this has to be done on a global level. Additive manufacturing is a technology that can be used to help others. Products – life saving applications such as medical supplies – can be produced locally. Thanks to a digital supply chain we can act quickly.

We need to slow down the spread of the virus. So, let’s do this! Let’s inspire others. Let’s find solutions to all the challenges that Corona brings into our world. But, this can only be done if we work together – if we form an entity. So, please contribute to this movement if you can. Use the #3DAgainstCorona to make your voice heard. 

In their website you will find downloadble STL files to 3D print material against COVID-19, and the latest scientific research and 3D printing projects currently being conducted. Join the community and help fight this pandemics!

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