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European Commission call for 3D printing expertise

22 Mar, 2020

Due to the urgent need of masks and ventilators parts the European Commission has recently requested to CECIMO, as the European association for additive manufacturing, to address to its memberships and ask for their ability to aid in producing equipment (such as valves, masks or ventilators). Therefore, CECIMO expands the call to all additive manufacturing (AM) companies who have the ability to do so to assist the needs of hospitals all over Europe. 

Consequently, international networks for Additive Manufacturing, for instance, Mobility goes Additive e.V., joined this call to fight Coronavirus with the help of 3D printing. Also, national and regional organizations such as Clúster MAV or Eurecat have responded to this call. Other healthcare institutions such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs also had launched a call and stated that the production of these masks and ventilators can also be 3D printed. 

If you have 3D printing equipment and would like to join the call, you can contact: 

Mobility goes Additive e.V

Clúster MAV 


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