3D Printing and COVID-19, May 2, 2020 Update

4 May, 2020

Swiss creative agency Atoll, in partnership with Pragma Engineering and 3D printing company Rapid Manufacturing, has designed a device that can be used to remove protective gloves in a way that is less likely to spread contamination. According to one study, almost 50 percent of people contaminate their skin with germs when removing protective clothing.
Atoll’s device is made up of a curved piece of plastic that can be mounted on walls or metal bars over a garbage can using a modular fastening system. Glove wearers are meant to slide the tip of the device between their palms and the cuffs of their gloves. As they pull upward, the gloves fall off and into the bin below. The 3D printable file is located at the Atoll website here.

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