AI precision medicine mining finds 13 human COVID-19 risk genes

8 May, 2020

Data scientists have used an AI enabled precision medicine platform to identify high risk genes for COVID-19, along with drug candidates for increasing survival rates.

The scientists from UK-headquartered AI precision medicine company, PrecisionLife, have used the platform to identify 13 high risk genes for COVID-19, and 59 repurposing drug candidates that could be used to develop new therapeutic strategies to increase the survival rate of patients who develop sepsis while suffering from severe COVID-19.

Sepsis is observed in 60% of severe COVID-19 patients and is a life-threatening condition with a mortality rate of approximately 20%.

The study, released on Biorxiv, sought to identify genetic risk factors for sepsis especially in the context of COVID-19, and to use these insights to identify existing drugs that might be used to treat life-threatening late-stage disease.

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