COVID-19: How Korea is using innovative technology and AI to flatten the curve

14 Apr, 2020
The country’s experience from the previous SARs outbreak and the more recent MERS (in 2015) has enabled it to prepare in advance to combat COVID-19. The Republic of Korea has been successful so far in containing COVID-19 without shutting down its economy, even though schools, museums and gyms — places where large numbers of people might gather in an enclosed space — are closed. “We still need to learn more about [COVID-19’s] characteristics – although we do know now that it is very contagious,” said Seon Kui Lee, Director of the Division of Risk Assessment and International Cooperation at the Republic of Korea’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). “Information and communication technologies are required to enhance traditional control measures and response measures, as well as for the development of innovative solutions.”
Here you will find strategies and and innovations that lead the country to success.