Open-access simulation from Universitat de Barcelona enables understanding the COVID-19 spread

15 May, 2020

Lecturer Maite López, from the Research Group Virtual Worlds Visualization and Artificial Intelligence (WAI) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the UB, worked on a simple simulation model to explain in a disseminating way how the COVID-19 spread occurs.

This multiagent model -field in which López works-, represents a population with different profiles: healthy, infected and immune. A graphic shows how such population evolves over time in different situations. This simulation, available online for everyone, is not based on real data but it represents the contagion behaviour after some variables which are key factors to understand how the disease spreads, and it shows the effect of the lockdown and protection measures. Moreover, the user can modify ad combine parameters such as the quantity of population, mobility and the amount of protected people.

This model, an adaptation of an existing one, is also available in the Spanish Committee for Mathematics (CEMAT) and the Catalan initiative Math4COVID.

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