Eurecat develops a reusable mask with interchangeable filters to achieve different levels of protection against COVID-19

12 May, 2020
The catalan technological center Eurecat and the chilean company Comberplast, are working together in the FreeBreath project for the development of PPE masks made of reusable and sterilizable plastic, with interchangeable filters to quickly achieve different levels of protection agains Covid-19.

Concretely, the objective of the project is to produce FFP2 and FFP3 PPE masks, with widely available filters to "guarantee the supply of these PPE elements to the healthcare workers", says Carme MargelĂ­, the Internacionalization responsible of Eurecat.

FreeBreath is one of the selected projects for the "Innovation Challenges - PPE elements for healthcare workers against Covid-19" call, launched by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation and Corfo.