ROBERT, the robot for mobilizing patients

15 May, 2020
With ROBERT, the company Life Science Robotics (LSR) has developed a robot for mobilizing patients. Especially in times of social distancing, the robot-based medical device ROBERT can support physiotherapists in their work. The lightweight robot LBR Med from KUKA is used for this purpose.

The robot-based medical device ROBERT supports physiotherapists in their work. Technical assistants can be used in particular when people have to keep their distance from each other in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. “The demand for our product has increased significantly because hospitals would like to reduce the direct physical contact to patients. With our solution, we want to help to mobilize patients faster and more efficiently, while relieving the burden on physiotherapists," says Keld Thorsen, CEO of Life Science Robotics, based in Aalborg, Denmark.

The company was founded in 2014 and now employs eight people. It all started in Denmark. Currently, Thorsen also has requests from major German hospital groups and one university hospital, where ROBERT already has been on trial for three months. This medical product, in which LSR integrates the lightweight robot LBR Med from KUKA, has also been FDA-cleared for sale in the USA since March 2020 by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorities.