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    Nurses dancing TikTok #CoronavirusChallenge

    4 May, 2020
    Nurses dance #coronaviruschallenge in TikTok to start the day positively! By @nursekala
    Nursing is Cindy’s day job ##coronaviruschallenge ##nurses ##doctors ##afterhours @pcimom @brennasue1023 @em.howard @purseynursey4040
    DJ Yames Mashup 2 - dj_yames

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    Level Up in the COVID-19 fight!

    27 Apr, 2020
    Healthcare heroes from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia run the COVID-19 testing center at the hospital, and recently went viral with a video of them doing a dance to Ciara’s “Level Up” to help give themselves a boost before they start their day.  @tjuh_pool

    Level Up - Ciara

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    Dance routine with Blinding Lights!

    20 Apr, 2020

    @somegoodnews Here is an awesome dance routine that four nurses at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, TX recorded for a new patient in the Hematology / Oncology ward who is obsessed with Tik Tok. This is most definitely #SomeGoodNews. #DellChildrensHospital #HeroesWorkHere pic.twitter.com/PYVLi4TtQL
    — Erin From A Distance (@AustinErin) April 18, 2020
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    One hand, two hands and let your body dance!

    20 Apr, 2020
    Music doesn't stop at County Hospital with Team AMU, now with Movedat!
    The dancing continues at County Hospital with Team AMU #UHNMFamily pic.twitter.com/D9yCxc1wsx
    — UHNM NHS Trust #StayAtHome (@UHNM_NHS) April 14, 2020
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    Move your booty!

    15 Apr, 2020

    We’re happy to see this labor and delivery unit is staying safe and having fun!: @adrienneporter0 on @tiktok_us pic.twitter.com/kJyTkcLapW
    — BlogHer (@BlogHer) April 11, 2020
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    Jason, the "Tik Tok Doc" struts his stuff again... This time with Salsa!

    7 Apr, 2020

    Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Hospital doctor, Dr. Jason L. Campbell, also called the "Tik Tok Doc" dances in hospital corridors and offers a reprieve during coronavirus pandemic. So let's put on our dancing shoes!

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    Calling all the real dancers... it’s time to salsa! Where are all my Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Latin Americans? You, too, are America! Ladies and gents, let me introduce Dr. Lorna Miche...
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    "Quédate en casa" (Stay at home) performed by Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

    6 Apr, 2020
    Medical personnel of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) dancing at the electrolatin rythm of "Quédate en casa"!
    Watch their cool coreography!
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    Oh Nu-nu-nurses!

    6 Apr, 2020
    Nurses dance at Oh Nanana rhythm Tik Tok by @priskiss
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    Full Motivation with Beyonce rhythm

    1 Apr, 2020
    A little joy and humor is essential in these times!
    Tweet by @enalcaide
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    COVID-19, we'll beat you! We're all in this together!!

    1 Apr, 2020
    Another way medical professionals from Phoenix Children's Hospital are keeping their spirits up amid Coronavirus chaos!  Ver esta publicación en Instagram
    Una publicación compartida por Sara Kaczkowski (@sarakaczkowski) el 18 de Mar de 2020 a las 8:45 PDT

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    Dancing against COVID19!

    1 Apr, 2020
    We are here to remind you that social distancing is crucial at a time like this... but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, too. That's what Dr. Jason L. Campbell says! 

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    Una publicación compartida por Jason L Campbell MD MS (@drjcofthedc) el 24 de Mar de 2020 a las 4:20 PDT

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    Covid 19 Awarness Dance: Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly

    1 Apr, 2020
    Despite the COVID19 situation, some health-care workers have found ways to inject some positivity. Take a look at how Nursing Staff from Little FLower Hospital Angamaly did it: