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    India's COVID-19 health workers showered in flower petals as military thanks 'warriors'

    5 May, 2020
    India has entered its 40th day in lockdown, which has been extended for another two weeks, and coronavirus cases passes the 40,000 mark. To thank all the health workers, the Indian military showed their gratitude to frontline workers in various ways. Between them, the army forces put on a show by showering hospitals with flower petals and lighting flares to thank doctors, nurses and emergency service workers who have been at the forefront of the country's battle against the coronavirus p...
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    Getting ready!

    4 May, 2020

    D'això se'n diu començar el torn amb motivació i energia. Equipàs #Urgències #SantPau Torn Nit 1 a punt!! #orgullsantpau #Covid_19 #EnsEnSortirem #aplaudimentsanitari pic.twitter.com/CkniCdcndm
    — HospitalStaCreuStPau (@HospitalSantPau) May 3, 2020
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    Musician Macaco has made a song to raise money for COVID-19 research "Healing wills"

    1 May, 2020
    Listen to this beautiful song dedicated to the medical staff! All the money raised from the song's views and listens as well as the artist's rights will go for COVID-19 research projects of Hospital del Mar (Barcelona, Spain), through the foundation Fundació Amics de l’Hospital del Mar.
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    PPE hero marks in COVID-19 war

    1 May, 2020

    The catalan photographer Jordi Borràs has captured the marks that the PPE leaves on healthcare worker's face after a long journey fighting against COVID-19.

    Photo extracted from the the photographer's Instagram page @jordiborrasfoto
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    Rose for a nurse in "Sant Jordi", the national Catalan roses and books day

    24 Apr, 2020
    @joanmateuparra: "Irene, nurse of a primary health care center , poses for a photo wearing an IEP (Personal Protective Equipment) and holds a rose in Barcelona April 23, 2020. Today its an important holiday in Catalan culture, the day of Sant Jordi its the national Book Day, lovers, friends and family traditionally gift each other with a book and a rose but this year its different cause of the lockdown and Covid-19."

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    Ballad to the NHS

    22 Apr, 2020
    Dr. Charles Knowles, a Surgery Professor at Queen Mary University, London, published this song on Youtube. It is a song penned to support NHS and other key workers fighting the COVID pandemic. A recording phone voice memo of the doctor and his guitar at home with pictures of those who have lost their lives by helping others is more than enough to thrill each one of us. All the support and courage to all the heroes fighting, and soon "all the things that made us smile will make us smile a...
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    15 Apr, 2020

    Aquest és el fantàstic equip de la UNITAT 9 de L’HOSPITAL MOISSÈS BROGGI

    Sant Joan Despí.

    Gràcies per treballar incansablement en la lluita!

    Ens envíen aquest vídeo d'agraïment per a tots els que esteu ajudant.#joemquedoacasaSantFeliu#JuntsEnsEnSortirem pic.twitter.com/XDQjViYKHf
    — Xarxa Santfeliuenca (@XSantfeliuenca) April 15, 2020
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    TV doctors pay tribute to the real heroes

    15 Apr, 2020

    Actors from ‘ER,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘House’, ‘The Good Doctor’ and more give their heartfelt thanks to the real heroes in the frontlines. They also used this viral video to promote #FirstResondersFirst, an initiative by Harvard School of Public Health, Thrive Global and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to provide essential supplies, equipment and resources to protect all the healthcare workers. 

    Click here if you want to know more about the initiative. 
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    In Rio, Christ the Redeemer statue lit up as doctor to tribute all the health workers!

    14 Apr, 2020
    The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was lit up for Easter on Sunday night, paying tribute to health workers in Brazil and across the world tackling the coronavirus crisis. Images of health workers asking people to remain at home and flags from different countries with the word 'Hope' were also projected during the event. Watch the video to see the tribute. 
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    Thank you for staying at home!

    9 Apr, 2020
    The theatre and endoscopy staff at the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust have thanked and applauded the general public for staying at home. In a video posted online, matron Vicky Oluwole says: 'We, the staff of Lewisham endoscopy theatres, are thanking you for clapping for the NHS. Now, we are clapping and saying thank you for staying at home'.
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    Nurses give a round of applause to all the children!

    9 Apr, 2020
    Nurses from a Hospital in Catalonia, Spain, give a round of applause to all the children that are currently at home as result of the coronavirus lockdown. 
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    L'equip d'infermeria del torn de nit de l'Hospital de Calella agraeix l'esforç que estan fent els nens i nenes durant el confinament. Els professionals han gravat aquest vídeo per compartir amb ells els aplaudiments que reben cada dia, a les vuit del vespre. Els infants són dels m...