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  • Clinical Skills: BiPAP and CPAP

    16 Apr, 2020
    This video covers how to initiate BiPAP and CPAP on a patient. To keep things concise, this video will focus on applying NIPPV, checking mask fit & leaks and will also cover special populations, like children.

  • Clinical Skills: Mechanical ventilation - conventional ventilators

    16 Apr, 2020
    Conventional ventilators are commonly used in the intensive care unit to oxygenate intubated patients, and are in short supply during the COVID19 pandemic.This video covers how to set up and monitor conventional ventilation modes. 

  • Clinical Skills: High-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV)

    16 Apr, 2020
    High-frequency oscillatory ventilation is often seen in the intensive care setting, and can be considered the next step if oxygenation during conventional ventilation is insufficient. This video how to set up a patient on high-frequency oscillatory ventilation. 

  • Endotracheal intubation Videotutorial

    10 Apr, 2020
    This is a demonstration of the intubation of a patient with actual or suspected COVID-19 using a manikin.
  • Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation Videotutorial

    23 Mar, 2020

    You may receive endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation if you are in an emergency situation involving severe respiratory problems or if you are having general anesthesia during a surgical procedure. If you have severe respiratory problems, the oxygen levels in your blood may drop too low, or the carbon dioxide levels may rise too high. Either of these conditions can result in damage to your vital organs, including your heart and brain. Under these circumstances, you may nee...
  • Ventilator Settings Videotutorial: Basic Vent Modes

    23 Mar, 2020
    In this lesson we take a look at our basic vent modes that we will most often find being used with our patients.  These basic ventilator modes will form the core understanding of the ways in which we are supporting our patients breathing. We start off talking about the differences between the 2 mains types of ventilation, volume control and pressure control. 
     In this lesson we are going to focus solely on volume control so we move on to talk about the different sett...
  • COVID-19 Mechanical Ventilation Course

    23 Mar, 2020
    Critical care specialist Roger Seheult, MD illustrates a concise review of the essential skills of mechanical ventilation. We've made this video series free at communities across the world are facing or preparing for increasing numbers of patients in respiratory distress from COVID-19, MedCram has packaged this video series for clinicians and hospitals on the frontlines.  We understand that medical professionals (and students) that don't h...