Construction of a simple quality appraisal tool for rapid review of laparoscopic surgery guidelines during COVID‐19 pandemic

24 Aug, 2020


The theoretical danger of virus transmission during Laparoscopic Surgery (LS) via surgical smoke and laparoscopy gas prompted several academic/ national associations to issue many rapidly emerging guidelines for laparoscopic during COVID‐19 pandemic. Conventional appraisal tools like GRADE and AGREE II, which assess the quality of evidence and methodological rigor in the development of guidelines, have very rigorous exhaustive checklists. This makes them impractical for the evaluation of rapidly emerging guidelines in a pandemic scenario. Additionally, recommendations from these guidelines have not been evaluated in terms of their consequences on already resource‐constrained surgical services in low and middle‐income countries (LMICs). A simple quality appraisal tool was developed to address these research gaps by following the key steps to the development of a new appraisal tool.

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