Designing Intelligent System for Stratification of COVID-19 Asymptomatic Patients

1 Apr, 2020


The world is going through a life-threating, a war-like, virus attack called COVID-19. Since its inception in the last four months, it has been increased ten times every two weeks outside mainland China. In this case, we address this challenging human crisis with a focus on the early discovery of coronavirus asymptomatic patients which would help to reduce the cross-infection of COVID-19 that estimates to attack at least 60% of the world population, according to WHO (2020). This paper aims targets to raise the capacity of the health services authorities and help the community decision-maker to discover early asymptomatic and mild patients infected with COVID-19 by developing and applying intelligent decision-making protocol that would enhance the 'hit rate' of identifying and stratifying such cases. The paper has important implications of both the elimination of the COVID-19 and enhances the cost-effectiveness and the return of the efforts of the other isolation and quarantine measures taken all over the world.