Therapeutic options for emergency gastrointestinal malignancy in COVID19 pandemic. The role of operative endoscopy

4 Aug, 2020

The concept that medical facilities and health workers might be an important contamination route in the pandemic has brought to consequences and attitudes for the population as well for legislators. In the pandemic period, most of the patients requiring intervention for gastrointestinal malignancy are in emergency, no‚Äźdeferrable conditions. We reviewed the results of operative endoscopy to treat emergencies secondary to gastrointestinal malignancy during the lock down period in Italy, from March 11th to April 28th. The study was approved by the Ethical Board of the University. All patients gave written informed consent. Endoscopy for no COVID 19 patients was performed in a dedicated room. COVID 19 and no COVID 19 patients had completely different routes.

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