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Ventilator Settings Videotutorial: Basic Vent Modes

23 Mar, 2020
In this lesson we take a look at our basic vent modes that we will most often find being used with our patients. 
These basic ventilator modes will form the core understanding of the ways in which we are supporting our patients breathing. We start off talking about the differences between the 2 mains types of ventilation, volume control and pressure control. 

 In this lesson we are going to focus solely on volume control so we move on to talk about the different settings that we will find for our vents in this mode, as well as just a couple of the key bits of monitoring data that will be displayed on the vent. From there we move in to talk about the different basic types of volume control modes. 

 These modes we can think of as a hierarchy of support from the most supportive, with CMV, down to less and less support through Assist Control, SIMV, and ultimately ending in Pressure Support. Hopefully by the end of this lesson you will have a good understanding of these basic modes of volume control, the settings that we will be using with each, as well as the differences between these modes and the settings being used.