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    European Initiative for Automated diagnosis and Quantitative Analysis of COVID-19 on Imaging

    10 Apr, 2020

    Imaging COVID-19 AI initiative is a multicenter European project to enhance computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of COVID-19 by using artificial intelligence. The project group will create a deep learning model for automated detection and classification of COVID-19 on CT scans, and for assessing disease severity in patients by quantification of lung involvement.

    Many different hospitals and institutions across Europe will collaborate to rapidly develop an artificial in...
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    COVID Warriors

    10 Apr, 2020
    COVIDWarriors is a non-profit association formed by professionals, senior managers and patrons, from all fields, united in the fight against COVID-19 with 3 objectives:

    Gather volunteers: 
    Proactive organizations, entrepreneurial talent, technological initiatives, financing in the fight against COVID-19.


    With the specific needs detected at a logistical, health, social, psychological level...


    Own or already exi...
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    CoronaHack | 14th April

    10 Apr, 2020

    CoronaHack is a virtual hackathon bringing together Biomedical and data scientists to explore ways to combat CoronaVirus!
    It is going to open on Tuesday 14th April until Sunday 19th April. 
    Please join us for this high profile hackathon designed to accelerate approaches to monitoring, diagnosing and controlling the CoronaVirus.

    This event will shortly go virtual through a platform with full access to covid-19 datasets and other technology.

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    Google launches a COVID-19 resource center

    10 Apr, 2020
    Google has created a website full of information resources related to COVID-19 disease. 
    There you will find health information about symptoms, prevention, treatment, and propagation; security advices, tendencies of the pandemics all over the world, help resources to keep learning, teaching or working; and a donation fund.
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    COVID Symptom Tracker: Predicting Symptomatic COVID-19 in the UK

    9 Apr, 2020

    ZOE and King's College data science and machine learning teams have been working around the clock to create a machine learning model that uses Symptom Tracker data to predict COVID-19 in the UK. Based on data from the COVID Symptom Tracker app and the assumptions that we lay out below, we estimate that there are a total of 1.9m people in the UK with symptomatic COVID (aged 20-69 only) as of 1st April 2020.

    Our estimate was calculated in 3 steps:

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    Research data capture system available for free for all COVID-19 research projects

    8 Apr, 2020
    Castor Launches COVID-19 Research and Monitoring Platform and Supports More Than 100 COVID-19 Studies across 10 Countries Worldwide

    Castor, a health-tech company that enables medical researchers to capture machine readable data to optimize medical decision making, announced the launch of its global COVID-19 monitoring and research platform to facilitate the rapid deployment of trials to test Coronavirus vaccines and COVID-19 treatments. After offering free access to their platform for ...
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    A planetary health perspective on COVID-19: a call for papers

    6 Apr, 2020

    It is natural during the unfolding coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic to focus on emergency response planning, including containment, treatment procedures, and vaccine development, and nobody would doubt the need for these measures. However, an emergency can also open a window of opportunity for reflection and learning. We live in increasingly global, interdependent, and environmentally constrained societies and the COVID-19 pandemic exemplifies these aspects of our world. We wo...
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    Technology against coronavirus - BBVA

    3 Apr, 2020

    Researchers, businesses, and innovators around the world are putting technology to work to alleviate the effects of the global health crisis. From applications that collect data to track the spread of the virus to 3D printed ventilators for hospitals: these are some of the various technology projects rising to the occasion in the fight against coronavirus.

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    European researchers retrofit snorkel masks for Coronavirus fight

    2 Apr, 2020

    Researchers in Europe have been converting low-cost snorkel masks into respirators to treat patients or protection for medical workers battling to contain the coronavirus outbreak that has stretched healthcare resources. The researchers said that tests had showed the retrofitted masks surpassed the protection of masks carrying FFP3, considered one of the highest grade filters. Some countries as Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy or Spain are already working on this initiative.&nb...
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    1 Apr, 2020
    WHO is gathering the latest scientific findings and knowledge on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and compiling it in short courses.  

    You can search all WHO courses of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

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    3D printing in support of COVID-19 containment efforts. Producing critical parts to help meet urgent needs.

    1 Apr, 2020

    In these unprecedented times, HP is researching for the development of applications that can be helpful during the present situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Additive manufacturing plays a decisive role, now more than ever, in providing fast and effective solutions that help us to protect our community. Together, with the global digital manufacturing community, they are mobilizing the technology, experience, and production capacity to help deliver critical...
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    Real-time tracking of pathogen evolution

    1 Apr, 2020

    Think of the open-source project as an outbreak museum. Labs around the world contribute genetic sequences of viruses collected from patients, and Nextstrain uses that data to paint the evolution of epidemics through global maps and phylogenetic charts, the family trees for viruses.

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