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    India's COVID-19 health workers showered in flower petals as military thanks 'warriors'

    5 May, 2020
    India has entered its 40th day in lockdown, which has been extended for another two weeks, and coronavirus cases passes the 40,000 mark. To thank all the health workers, the Indian military showed their gratitude to frontline workers in various ways. Between them, the army forces put on a show by showering hospitals with flower petals and lighting flares to thank doctors, nurses and emergency service workers who have been at the forefront of the country's battle against the coronavirus p...
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    PPE hero marks in COVID-19 war

    1 May, 2020

    The catalan photographer Jordi BorrĂ s has captured the marks that the PPE leaves on healthcare worker's face after a long journey fighting against COVID-19.

    Photo extracted from the the photographer's Instagram page @jordiborrasfoto
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    Rose for a nurse in "Sant Jordi", the national Catalan roses and books day

    24 Apr, 2020
    @joanmateuparra: "Irene, nurse of a primary health care center , poses for a photo wearing an IEP (Personal Protective Equipment) and holds a rose in Barcelona April 23, 2020. Today its an important holiday in Catalan culture, the day of Sant Jordi its the national Book Day, lovers, friends and family traditionally gift each other with a book and a rose but this year its different cause of the lockdown and Covid-19."

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