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    Let's fight COVID-19 together in Venezuela!

    10 Apr, 2020

    Collaborative project in 3D-printing personal protection equipment (PPE) for healthcare personnel.

    Several of companies from Venezuela - such as 3Dx cub3, En3D Venezuela, or Nedraki - are working together to 3D-print PPE materials and sending them to hospitals. They have already printed 724 visor frames and 5472 facial masks, and 4552 of them have been sent to Healthcare Institutions.

    In the project's website you can help them by donating money or mat...
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    Open-source ventilator that can be made anywhere, locally

    9 Apr, 2020
    VentilAid is a group of engineers and designers who constantly develop and share to the public the VentilAid project, open source ventilator, that can be made anywhere locally with 3D printer and very basic parts. Ventilators are essential to keep breathing when faced with the complications of COVID19. They believe COVID19 pandemic will pass with minimized harm to mankind thanks to proper use of technology and solidarity in sharing knowledge.
    Note that VentilAid is a last re...
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    Zona Franca (Barcelona, Spain) will 3D-print 100 ventilators everyday

    9 Apr, 2020

    The industrializable model has been validated by experts from the Parc Taulí hospital in Sabadell (Spain).

    Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), Leitat, Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa and the Parc Taulí hospital in Sabadell, in collaboration with several companies, have developed the first mechanical respirator by industrializable 3D printing. That is, with scalable production capacity.

    They hope to create 50-100 units a day over the next week (week of March 30th). ...
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    3D printing in support of COVID-19 containment efforts. Producing critical parts to help meet urgent needs.

    7 Apr, 2020

    In these unprecedented times, HP is researching for the development of applications that can be helpful during the present situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Additive manufacturing plays a decisive role, now more than ever, in providing fast and effective solutions that help us to protect our community. Together, with the global digital manufacturing community, they are mobilizing the technology, experience, and production capacity to help deliver critical parts in the effort...
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    Technology against coronavirus - BBVA

    7 Apr, 2020

    Researchers, businesses, and innovators around the world are putting technology to work to alleviate the effects of the global health crisis. From applications that collect data to track the spread of the virus to 3D printed ventilators for hospitals: these are some of the various technology projects rising to the occasion in the fight against coronavirus.

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    These new gadgets were designed to fight COVID-19

    7 Apr, 2020
    From hands-free door openers that can be 3D-printed, to basic ventilators, the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era of urgent innovation.
    COVID-19 may be having a devastating impact on our industries, social lives and personal grooming standards, but it is also prompting an outpouring of creativity in other arenas. From Spiderman-esque wrist-mounted disinfectant sprays, to a wristband that buzzes whenever you’re about to touch your face, a wealth of new prototypes are demonstrat...
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    Coronavirus: 'Made in Wales' inventions battle outbreak

    7 Apr, 2020

    When Wyn Griffiths's wife went to hospital and realised there was an issue with opening doors during the coronavirus outbreak, he came up with a solution.

    Mr Griffiths invented a hands-free door pull, to stop people having to touch door handles after using sanitiser.

    The gadget is one of a number of innovations which have been developed by doctors, scientists and designers in Wales, to help during the pandemic.

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    European Commission call for 3D printing expertise

    6 Apr, 2020

    Due to the urgent need of masks and ventilators parts the European Commission has recently requested to CECIMO, as the European association for additive manufacturing, to address to its memberships and ask for their ability to aid in producing equipment (such as valves, masks or ventilators). Therefore, CECIMO expands the call to all additive manufacturing (AM) companies who have the ability to do so to assist the needs of hospitals all over Europe. 

    Consequently, in...