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    Reusable 3D-printed Metal Filters Being Tested by ExOne

    27 Apr, 2020
    Most of the large 3D printing companies, including ExOne, have noted that their global supply chain clued them into the wide-ranging impact of the coronavirus outbreak early on, pushing them to consider the effects the disease would have both on manufacturing operations and medical supplies. ExOne CEO John Hartner told that this got the company thinking about its potential role in the supply chain.

    It was when the company recognized the medical waste accumulating as a r...
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    3D Printing and COVID-19, April 24, 2020 Update

    27 Apr, 2020

    The University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine have designed a 3D printable, personalized ventilator splitting device which makes it possible to tailor air pressure to multiple patients from a single ventilator unit. The VentMI device helps to address the most crucial issue with the vent splitters we have seen designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact that each patient needs specific rates of pressure to perform effective treatment and not further dam...
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    3D Printing and COVID-19, April 23, 2020 Update

    24 Apr, 2020

    A large number of businesses continue to support medical supply efforts. This includes Ferrari, who is 3D printing respirator valves and fittings for protective masks as part of a collaborative effort with Siare Engineering, Italy’s only maker of pulmonary ventilators. In California, XYZprinting Inc. and students from Beckman High School in Irvine are using a print farm of over 20 da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3D printers to make over 500 face shields for Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. HP has con...
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    3D Printing and COVID-19, April 20, 2020 Update

    21 Apr, 2020

    The Shell Technology Center Amsterdam (STCA) is using its 3D printers to produce a number of medical products in the Netherlands and abroad. With a foundation called Air Wave, the oil giant is developing a new face mask that uses a motor to filter air, similar to those used in asbestos remediation. One particular issue with such a mask is the loud sound of the motor, which can distract a medical worker. Shell is in the process of modifying the mask to reduce the noise a...
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    3D Printing and COVID-19, April 19, 2020 Update

    20 Apr, 2020

    Companies, organizations and individuals continue to attempt to lend support to the COVID-19 pandemic supply effort. will be providing regular updates about these initiatives where necessary in an attempt to ensure that the 3D printing community is aware of what is being done, what can be done and what shouldn’t be done to provide coronavirus aid.

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    COVID-19 And 3D Printing

    17 Apr, 2020

    A couple of months ago, my colleague Chris Cunnane - a Research Director in Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group - wrote an article about 3D printing and the supply chain, looking at how additive manufacturing can and will impact the end to end global supply chain. He looked at how companies are beginning to explore on-demand manufacturing rather than traditional manufacturing models, meaning they can keep less physical inventory on-hand. Using a digital representation of parts a...
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    C193D has delivered 5000 face shields in Venezuela!

    15 Apr, 2020

    Multirecicla is one of the leading recycling companies in Venezuela. From their position, they have found a way of helping overcome the Covid-19 pandemic by producing face shield protectors with recycled material.

    As aforementioned, this idea arose from the fact that Multirecicla is a logistics company dedicated to the recovery of recyclable waste in the country. They process these waste and transform it into PET sheets or recycled resin as part of the closing of the circular econo...
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    3D Printing and COVID-19, April 14 Update!

    15 Apr, 2020

    Companies, organizations and individuals continue to attempt to lend support to the COVID-19 pandemic supply effort. We will be providing regular updates about these initiatives where necessary in an attempt to ensure that the 3D printing community is aware of what is being done, what can be done and what shouldn’t be done to provide coronavirus aid.

    Powder bed fusion manufacturer EOS hosts LinkedIn group and an online platform, 3DAgainstCorona, to networ...
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    Safety Suggestions for 3D-Printing COVID-19 Medical Parts at Home

    15 Apr, 2020

    In this post, we’re going to delve deeper into the procedures that you could use for making face shields, spare parts and medical parts for COVID-19. Please note that this article is well-meaning advice given to aid you in a time of need and in no means medical advice. We are not implying that the materials or processes or suggestions listed or linked to are fit for purpose or indeed that they should be used to make a medical device or ancillary product; only that of all of the print...
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    Stopgap Surgical Face Mask (SFM): 3D printed face mask for COVID-19 crisis

    14 Apr, 2020

    The Stopgap Face Mask was created as an emergency action in effort to protect people by providing backup PPE options if the standard PPE has become unavailable. This device has not gone through the same regulatory approval process as standard PPE.

    The Stopgap Face Mask consists of two main components (the mask body and the filter cover) and contains features for attaching two elastic straps and receiving a patch of filter material.  It is recommended that the recta...
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    Hong Kong makers fought COVID-19 with 3D printed filtering systems for 3M masks

    14 Apr, 2020

    Several useful STL's available to download here.

    Hong Kong was one of the first regions to get hit by the COVID-19 outbreak and also one of the first to effectively reduce the rate of contagion. 3dpbm reported early on about local firms 3D printing face shields for healthcare workers. Now a number of other maker projects (and videos) have emerged that can provide some valuable lessons for printing filtration adapters to use on standard 3M masks to p...
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    3D printing of Covid-19 test swab sticks ramps up

    14 Apr, 2020

    With production at an Italian facility that is one of major suppliers of nasal swabs needed for COVID-19 test kits severely impacted by the pandemic, Formlabs, a venture-backed maker of 3D printers, and partners USF Health and Northwell Health Labs have stepped in to meet demand.

    In just one week, the teams collaborated to develop a nasal swab prototype and tested it at the USF Health and Northwell Health Labs, diagnostic test labs that are proc...