• South Korea trials QR codes for Covid-19 tracing

    2 Jun, 2020

    South Korea is testing a new QR code tracing system to track visitors at entertainment venues, restaurants and churches as it battles to contain persistent clusters of infection. It comes as Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, called for people to “live with the virus”.

    A church-linked Covid-19 cluster of 40 cases in the Seoul metropolitan area has been the third major flare-up in recent weeks, following more than 250 infcections stemming from nightclubs and bars&n...
  • France approves release of controversial COVID-19 tracking app

    29 May, 2020
    App measures proximityThe tracking app, called StopCovid, uses bluetooth to trace when a phone is in proximity to others who have the application.Once someone records a positive test for COVID-19, the application sends out an alert to those who have been in contact with that person for more than 15 minutes so they can self-isolate to prevent further spread of the virus.The phone app does not reveal the identity of the person who tests positive for coronavirus.Click here for reference

  • Local lockdowns will give rest of Britain 'greater freedoms', minister says ahead of track and trace unveiling

    27 May, 2020

    The test, track and trace system will focus on spikes in schools and workplaces - and getting hyperlocal groups to follow stricter lockdown rules will free up the rest of Britain, a Cabinet Minister has said.

    Robert Jenrick told the BBC: "The purpose of this system if we can get it right is to ensure the population can get back to normal degree of life, only if you come into contact with an individual who has tested positive.

    Click here for reference

  • Start-ups race to develop Covid-19 immunity passports

    25 May, 2020
    European tech groups aim to deploy digital ID systems to certify those deemed safe to return to normal lifeAs the search for a vaccine for coronavirus continues, start-ups are racing to build digital ID systems to assign health statuses to individuals and identify those safe to reintegrate into normal life.So-called immunity passports work by linking a person’s identity to their coronavirus test results. Those deemed immune or clear of the virus can prove their status to authorities and emplo...
  • Apple and Google release phone technology to notify users of coronavirus exposure

    21 May, 2020
    Apple and Google have released long-awaited smartphone technology to automatically notify people if they might have been exposed to the coronavirus.The companies had announced the unprecedented collaboration to leverage their technology to help trace and contain the spread of coronavirus last month, and say 22 countries and several US states are already planning to build voluntary phone apps using their software.

    The software relies on Bluetooth wireless technology to detect ...
  • Artificial intelligence–enabled rapid diagnosis of patients with COVID-19

    21 May, 2020

    For diagnosis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a SARS-CoV-2 virus-specific reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT–PCR) test is routinely used. However, this test can take up to 2 d to complete, serial testing may be required to rule out the possibility of false negative results and there is currently a shortage of RT–PCR test kits, underscoring the urgent need for alternative methods for rapid and accurate diagnosis of patients with COVID-19. Chest computed tomography ...
  • New Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Can Predict COVID-19 Without Testing

    18 May, 2020

    Researchers at King’s College London, Massachusetts General Hospital and health science company ZOE have developed an artificial intelligence diagnostic that can predict whether someone is likely to have COVID-19 based on their symptoms. Their findings were published on May 11, 2020, in Nature Medicine.

    The AI model uses data from the COVID Symptom Study app to predict COVID-19 infection, by comparing people’s symptoms and the results of traditional COVID tests. Rese...
  • Open-access simulation from Universitat de Barcelona enables understanding the COVID-19 spread

    15 May, 2020

    Lecturer Maite López, from the Research Group Virtual Worlds Visualization and Artificial Intelligence (WAI) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the UB, worked on a simple simulation model to explain in a disseminating way how the COVID-19 spread occurs.

    This multiagent model -field in which López works-, represents a population with different profiles: healthy, infected and immune. A graphic shows how such population evolves over time in different sit...
  • AI tool searches thousands of scientific papers to guide researchers to coronavirus insights

    13 May, 2020
    The scientific community worldwide has mobilized with unprecedented speed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, and the emerging research output is staggering. Every day, hundreds of scientific papers about COVID-19 come out, in both traditional journals and non-peer-reviewed preprints. There’s already far more than any human could possibly keep up with, and more research is constantly emerging.
    And it’s not just new research. We estimate that there are as many as 500,000 papers relevant t...
  • Artificial Intelligence, a great ally in the diagnosis of COVID-19

    11 May, 2020
    A group of researchers, including some at IMIM, design a new support tool for the diagnosis of COVID-19 which uses Artificial Intelligence. It has been trained with more than 6,000 chest X-rays of patients from the Hospital del Mar.

    The researcher at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) and physician at the Hospital del Mar Emergency Service, Max Hardy-Werbin, as well as the bioinformatician at the Pathological Anatomy Service of the same ho...

    11 May, 2020

    Imaging COVID-19 AI initiative is a multicenter European project to enhance computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of COVID-19 by using artificial intelligence. The project group will create a deep learning model for automated detection and classification of COVID-19 on CT scans, and for assessing disease severity in patients by quantification of lung involvement.

    Many different hospitals and institutions across Europe will collaborate to rapidly develop an artificia...
  • Landing AI Creates an AI Tool to Help Customers Monitor Social Distancing in the Workplace

    8 May, 2020

    In the fight against the coronavirus, social distancing has proven to be a very effective measure to slow down the spread of the disease. While millions of people are staying at home to help flatten the curve, many of our customers in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries are still having to go to work everyday to make sure our basic needs are met.

    To complement our customers’ efforts and to help ensure social distancing protocol in their workplace, Landing AI has develop...